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Company Information
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  • Company Street Address City State Zip Code
  • Cell Phone Phone (type in cellphone if none) Fax
    Email Website
  • Products and/or Services to be Exhibited
    Booth Selection
    Convention Center Booth (10'x10' @ $300.00) Lobby Booth (10'x10' @$200.00)
    Exibit Add-ons
    Corner Exibit (add $50) Extra Space (add $100)
    Total Fee (automatically calculated)
    Vendor Agreement
    1. I agree to the rules and regulations listed here.
    2. It's agreed that space assigned to us shall be accepted by us.
    3. The State of New Jersey requires a New Jersey Tax Number. If needed contact the New Jersey Division of Revenue.
    4. The products listed above are those we propose to exhibit.
    5. Wildwood NJ Boardwalk Classic Car Auction reserves the right to make last minute changes in the floor plan.
    6. All booths are to be paid in full at signing of this contract.
    7. Note: Credit card payments are subject to a 4% processing fee.
    Signature (if you agree with the above paragraph, enter your full name)