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This form allows you to register for bidding at WNJBCAA. However, there are certain materials (listed below) that need to be mailed to the address below to complete the registration process. Failure to do so may invalidate your registration. Mail all documents and other listed materials to:
WNJBCCA 1 South State Hwy 47 Wildwood, NJ 08260

Toll Free: 800-786-4546
Phone: 609-522-4546
Fax: 609-522-5420

Wildwood NJ Boardwalk Classic Car Auction here is known as WNJBCCA. To register as a bidder, WNJBCCA requires:

  1. Completed Bidder agreement. You may fill out and submit the form below, or download the paper form here.
  2. $150 US Bidder Registration Fee. Electronic registration requires this fee be paid via PayPal upon completion of the form below. For filers of the paper form, the options for payment are listed within it.
  3. Copy of current driver's license, state ID or passport. Mail to above address.
  4. Proof of current auto insurance. Mail to above address.
  5. Recent color photograph for your bidder ID badge. 1st time bidders only. Mail to above address.
  6. Bank letter of guaranty for authorization to purchase lot(s) using personal or business/ dealer check. Mail to above address.
  7. OR advance deposit of 10% of your desired bid limit for cash purchases. Example: $3,000 deposit for $30,000 bid limit. Call the number above for more information.
  8. OR Cashier's check(s) made out to WNJBCCA equal to the full amount of your desired bid limit. Mail check to above address.
  9. OR Credit card number to verify available credit line. Call PHONE NUMBER for more information.
  10. Dealers: a copy of your current dealer license AND state resale (tax ID) certificate. To be mailed to address above.
  11. Consignors receive complimentary credentials with completed and (digitally) signed forms. The bid limit is calculated on the value of your vehicle. To exceed this amount, a Bank Letter or Cashier.s Check must be mailed to the above address, as well as a recent photograph if you are registering for the first time.

    NOTE: To obtain your credentials via priority mail during the second week of September, materials must be received by August 31, 2014. If items are received after the deadline, credentials will be held on site in the .Pre-registered Bidder. pick-up area. You may register at any time after the pre-registration deadline or on-sit throughout the event. Bidder Numbers will not be issued if application is incomplete or if required items are omitted.
Personal Information
First Name
Last Name
  • Home Street Address City State Zip Code
  • Cell Phone Home Phone (use cell if none) Email Address
    Driver's License Number State Issued
  • Are You a Dealer?
    Yes No
    Method of Payment for vehicle purchase(s) NOTE: See information at top of page for additional, mail-in requirements.
    Check with bank letter
    Cashier’s Check(s)
    Cash with advance deposit.
    Credit Card (4% fee will be added to purchase).
    Payment Information
    Desired Bid Limit
    Bidder Agreement
    I authorize the investigation of my financial and credit worthiness. I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions ( of sale as stated at the above URL, which is part of this agreement. I understand that if I allow anyone to use my bidder number, I will be held personally responsible to all Terms and Conditions of this contract. I understand and agree to the 7% Buyer’s Premium, Terms and Conditions of sale, all applicable taxes and fees, and Buyer’s responsibility at the acceptance of bid upon the fall of the auctioneer’s hammer.ALL SALES ARE FINAL, UPON WINNING THE BID THE BUYER MUST MAKE SETTLEMENT WITHIN 1 HOUR.
    Signature (if you agree with the above paragraph, enter your full name)

  • There is a $150 registration fee for all bidder registrations. Registration is incomplete until fee is paid.